I focus mainly on functional ware, using a combination of iron and color decals to create pieces that are both useful and attractive.

For custom orders please contact me via email mark.horst.pottery@gmail.com or by phone 316-300-6077.

All of my wares are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe unless listed otherwise.

My Process

To create a new piece I start by sketching or visualizing a form that I want to produce. Then, with a ball of wet clay I shape and mold it to fit the vision I had for the piece. After the shape has taken form It gets set on a shelf to dry. Once the clay has dried enough to keep its form I may add a handle or other surface decoration, trim up the bottom, and sign the piece. Then it goes back on the shelf to finish drying.

Once the piece is bone dry it goes into the kiln for its first firing. During this firing the clay will vitrify, which means that it is no longer able to be re-used and has been fused into one solid piece. All remaining water and any organic material is also evaporated or burned away during this process which takes about 8 hours. The temperature inside the kiln rises to 1,945 degrees Fahrenheit. The pot is then cooled and dipped in a glaze solution and put back into the kiln for another firing. During this firing the materials in the glaze are melted to form a glassy surface on the pot. After the glaze firing cools I add decals to the glassy surface and fire at least one more time. Finally, I sand the rough spots off of the bottom of the pot and it is ready to be used.